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What the hell is going on around here?
GHETTORADIO is back on the air some times
typical service times are thursday friday saturday evenings
Giblets on a tuesday? Hell yeah we got that
always looking for new DJs on the air and new listeners
for DJs set your encoder to password ghetto
server is SHOUTcast v2 username should be left blank
suggested bitrate is >128kbps 44khz stereo
suggested software is Mixxx, SAM, Winamp/BUTT

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Don't be an idiot. This will get curated about once a week. Selected quotes might even get an onair shout out. No database to inject, so go hog wild I geuss?
• Bring on the spam!
• Friday Night Motherfuckers!

social media links are below, so tweet your twats and face your books
irc is the main hangout - is the primary network
click on the link below for a web based chat or use a client like Mirc
#ghettoradio is the channel, marijuana is the bomb
† Christ be with you †